Master copies for the reproduction of instant local discursive picnic currency bills – frontside and backside and 2 sample bills. 2 sheets each: DIN A4 and 12,8 x 7,4. The currency was originally made for the Discursive Picnic on 11th of May 2012, 8.30 pm – open end at STUDIOvisits_Wattstr. 8_13355 Berlin-Mitte by Ulrike Solbrig … Continue reading ULRIKE SOLBRIG


BEHIND THE MISSING IMAGE. Die Welt, 2012. Die Welt, 2013. Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2015. New technologies for creating and conveying images in the visual media have resulted in the deluge of images as a sign of a fundamental cultural change. The manipulation and control of images in the print media seems to be just normal practice. … Continue reading ROLAND SCHEFFERSKI


Cifra apparente #1. Print on latex, 21×34 cm, 2016. Digital stands in contrast to analogue, which is not countable, not analysable according to a discrete set of elements. Digital relates instead to discrete mathematics, working with finite, countable sets. It is possible to convert an analogue signal into its digital equivalent, constituted by a series … Continue reading ALESSIA PASTORE